You’ve Been Asleep For A While


I wrote this piece for The Purple Lemonade, a collective of artists and creators based here in Seattle. I was asked to write something with a theme of rebirth and renewal. The poem would be part of a performance for at the Seattle Art Museum for their Legendary Children event this past weekend; a night where artists from all areas come together and celebrate each other and our respective crafts. Music, fashion, dance…they all come together in the name and house of Art. The Purple Lemonade dancers were absolutely magical and the energy felt in that space was palpable. It’s been such a long time since I’ve performed in front of a crowd and I feel renewed. This piece seems to mean different things to different people and I am definitely part of that crowd, while I won’t share what the poem means to me as I do not wish to taint your own opinions and feelings, I will say that it was a message I also needed to hear. Check out the poem below and keep an eye out for the footage from that night. Also, make sure to keep up with everything Purple Lemonade so that you don’t get left behind.



Let me remind you of the hips that gave birth to your idols and your nation.

The place betwixt my thighs you’ve mistakenly confused for your salvation,
As if its existence is solely for your stimulation.

Let me remind you of how I carried the Moon in my womb
and the Sun in my chest.
of how I force fed you love, light and life before your first breath.

Embrace this shift towards clarity
I encourage separation from the disparities all too visible
between your vessel and mentality.
Backs straight, ears open, I need you to feel every move and word spoken.

I am offering you self discovery
by hijacking your memory and rewriting
your history.

Take this time to relearn the curves of your spine,
And the strength of your limbs

You’ve been asleep for a while.

You’ve forgotten how to love me,

Or maybe,
The overwhelming pressures of an ungrateful society
have allowed you to stray from me.

I invite you to shed your fears like the skin of the snakes lurking
in the shallow grasses of your garden.
I implore you to open your heart to match the infinite depths of the ocean.

Remember the hips that gave birth to your heart.
Remember the stomach that bled for your breath.
Remember the shaking hands that secured your mind.
And promised to care for you until death.

The revolution is already being televised
But your rebirth,
that’s happening on the inside.

2 responses to “You’ve Been Asleep For A While”

  1. Theresa Pittman says:

    I love a writer who don’t hold back…openly expressing your inner feelings that pours out like open water is planting seeds to the soul(s) that once were dry. Reiterating the fight to live and survive by writing feelings on paper is a blessing …and understanding the words you write should be the beginning of many sessions…you rock!!..love you lady

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