Writer’s Block or Empathy Fatigue?


I’ve been thinking a lot about what I want from this life as well as what I am supposed to be contributing. It seems like this is all I can think about these days. I’ve been dealing with this major block in my creativity that I first attributed to my dissolving discipline with when it comes to writing. The two are mutually exclusive for me as even with all the ideas in the world, if my discipline to commit to writing and creating is also lacking, nothing gets done. I’ve been feeling a new kind of strain on my writing. Unrelated to discipline. I find myself  sitting stoically in front of blank word processor screens. Pens and pencils go limp between fingers poised for writing but lacking motion. To be frank, I have no idea how to be passionate about my passions while still being a functioning member of society. I feel like I’m not doing enough or anything at all to make the world better and a few lifestyle posts aren’t helping.

I can’t seem to reconcile talking about the latest new lipsticks and sharing the recipe to my favorite dishes with this overwhelming sense of hopelessness. I find it hard to celebrate style and fashion and show off my favorite ways to rock my hair when I know that girls are going missing all over our country, my brothers and sisters on different continents do not have enough to eat and are seeking refuge from war torn cities. I find it incredibly difficult to pop out YouTube videos because I feel like it is my duty to serve truth but politics are outside my passions. I want to know everything that is happening within our government as well as the world around us but I am afraid that my need for knowledge is causing my creativity to plateau. I feel mentally exhausted. My empathy is at an all time low. We are inundated with information and “fake” news. We see article after article reinforcing the overwhelming loss of humanity and love from our civilization. I am finding it extremely difficult to celebrate the things I love that now seem unimportant.

I feel like this is a problem because so many other bloggers ad creators can still find their stride and dish out content while living in the same world as me, so what is my deal? Why do I feel guilty trying to be happy?

I’m reading plenty of articles about other people my age who are going through this and so far I haven’t found a solution yet. Drop a comment below on how you manage society and life becoming too overwhelming  and interfering with your goals and passions?

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