Why Defining Devonnie? | #Blogtober


#blogtober October 2nd: What’s the story behind your blog name?

Documenting my life is really important to me. Leaving something behind, being remembered is important to me. I’ll probably be on the journey to “finding myself” forever or maybe not. Whatever that journey looks like, I want to document it. Defining Devonnie is just as it says. I’m trying to define Devonnie. There is no definition of my name. It has origins in multiple places and languages but there is no real definintion. (I don’t mind those definitions linked to divine though. Uh, let’s stick with that for now)

I’m trying to figure out how I want my journey to take shape in this space. On this blog. I’ll be documenting things like finding personal zen, mental health, food, books, movies and eating before 11pm, to name a few. So stay tuned for the tears, laughs and silences that will define my march through the murky waters of self discovery.

Anywho, welcome to Defining Devonnie


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