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#Blogtober October 4th: What’s on Your Playlist?

A few albums and singles have been on heavy rotation lately. I’m noticing this shift in my listening habits that I can’t really label but I love how it’s been making me feel. These artists have been by my side through a range of emotions and I’m son thankful for them.

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SolangeA Seat At The Table
Like most of the millennials saturating my timelines, this album speaks to my heart. It is most definitely like a balm for the soul. This  album catapults the appreciation I have for Solange and her role as an inspiring black woman. (I’am actually listening to “F.U.B.U” as I type this) I don’t want to moan on and on about how great this album is, just give it a listen. Anthem worthy.

NaoFor All We Know
Before listening to this album last month, I’d never even heard of Nao, now I can’t get enough. Her voice is infectious and her ability change tone so swiftly causes so many feelings to surface. “Bad Blood” is a perfect example of this. That song is. everything. “We Don’t Give A” feels rebellious and loyal. It’s upbeat and groove-inducing. I can’t help the sudden switch of my hips whenever the song comes on. Her debut album is amazing. Her style is a beautiful blend of soul and electronic and funk.

Mick Jenkins The Healing Component
My boyfriend Ryan actually introduced me to Mick Jenkins’ music last year but I had no idea who he was, fast forward to a few weeks ago, I get reintroduced Mick by a group of new friends through his video for “Drowning”. There I was watching this video about escaping slavery to accompany a song that heartbreaking, uplifting, inspiring, visually stunning, haunting…the list could go on and on, with five other young black people in a beautiful apartment. I felt surrounded by love. I was inspired and I left that chance gathering feeling…. full. I get that feeling whenever I listen to Mick Jenkins.

FKA TwigsGood To Love
I always come back to FKA Twigs. There’s just no  one out there like her. Her latest gem nor a single, “Good To Love” has been on heavy rotation. LP1 is still one of my favorite albums.

Leon BridgesComing Home (Deluxe)
This album?! uhhhhhh! So many feels! Outta Line makes me want to grab a crisp, 50’s style dress, bold floral hair scarf, over-sized sun glasses, my favorite red lipstick and hit the closest party. This album feels so… good on a lazy afternoon indoors.

Chloe x HalleSugar Symphony
Short and sweet, this five track EP is every bit the sugar symphony. It’s like ear candy. “Thunder” sounds like the perfect anthem for beautiful blend of love, energy and moving bodies. “Fall” literally took my breath away. Enchanting. That’s the word I’ll use to describe it. The video was also a stunning ode to the song and the beautiful strength these young ladies posses. Trying to explain how great Chloe and Halle’s voices are is…..well, it’s impossible. I don’t think I have ever heard any other girls their age sing the way they do at this age. They are absolutely enchanting. On their own and together. I am so happy for these beautiful girls. I remember the first time I saw a video of them on youtube. I was hooked instantly and I am so excited to watch their careers grow.

Have you checked any of theses people out recently? What are you guys listening to? Let me knooooowwww.


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