The Glo Up: Meaning, understanding & waiting for mine

I’ve been hearing this phrase quite a bit in recent months. From what I gather, the Glo Up is not only a play on “Grow Up” but a majestic, glittery, coming into your own in the most fabulous way possible,it is an if your skin was the fleekiest of highlighters moment where you emerge from the downtroddeness of mundane life into this beautiful transcendent time of adulting. 

Yeah, I’m nowhere near my own Glo Up. Instead, I’m trapped in the sharp clutches of kind of knowing how to adult but still calling a glass of wine for dinner, a salad. Judge me. Lately, becoming an adult has been summed up by my purchase of 100% natural toothpaste. (The toothpaste is actually pretty great by the way. Find it here

I’m trying to experience this Glo up. This journey into womanhood. This celebration of body confidence and financial ownership. Where my  positive contributions to the earth increase and I finally feel slightly in control. Not to mention the growing beautifully part. It doesn’t have to be physical beauty. It’s just a natural evolution and sync of the current you and the you you’re meant to be. It’s supposed to be like stepping into the limelight for the first time and totally crushing it. 

Sounds amazing, yes? Well it, like most things, requires plenty of work and dedication. You don’t make improvements in your career, personality, relationships, finances, contributions and goals by waiting. You have to constantly work and sweat and grow. 

I believe we can all reach our own “Glo Up”. We just need to take the time to listen to our hearts and really try to follow its whispers so we can turn them into deafening battle cries.

I wonder if 2016 is the year of my own Glo Up. Who doesn’t want to “come into their own”?

Some amazing people close to me have been glowing all over the place and while I do feel the eye-twitching, plastic smile of jealousy, I would rather celebrate them than be envious of my lack of “Gloing Up”. We should celebrate each other rather than be envious of someone and their successes. 

We’ll get there eventually. 

3 responses to “The Glo Up: Meaning, understanding & waiting for mine”

  1. Jasmine says:

    This was beautifully written, it explained how I felt, perfectly!

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