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This past weekend I had the opportunity of attending the 2nd Annual Shop Her Closet event here in Seattle. The event is hosted by Ambra Sookram (@theambralife) and Natalie Randall (@eyeapple) two incredible ladies who joined forces and have made it their mission to bring more than just another blogging scene to the Seattle/Tacoma area. Creating events geared toward encouraging and empowering women, especially women of color, is just one of the reasons I am supportive of these babes. The other reason would definitely be that they are also transplants to Washington! I’m all about building community and now that I’m settling into Seattle, it’s great knowing that there are like-minded women out there really putting action behind their intentions, but also understand some of those subtle east coast vs west coast nuisances. When they aren’t reigning over their separate kingdoms, these Queens operate under @tallznsmallz. Make sure to check out all of their handles so that you can keep up with all that they’ve got planned.


The Event

Ambra and Natalie got a bunch of bloggers and influencers from the community together to empty their wardrobes for a good cause. Each blogger had a rack filled with adorable pieces for sale and all the proceeds went directly to the Dress for Success organization. I ended up purchasing three items. Keep an eye out on my Instagram feed for how I decide to style the pieces. The event was held at Metropolist in Seattle. The space was pretty large and got lots of light from the large windows. So dreamy. I loved the way they had the racks lining the walls of the room. There was wine, champagne, raffles and of course a bomb set by DJ sharadawn. My favorite part of the day was being able to meet so many of the faces I’ve been double-tapping on my screen. There’s nothing like loving someone online, meeting them in person and feeling the same warmth that they portray online, in person! I’ll live a list of all the ladies I met below. If you aren’t following them already, be sure to!

During the event, there was a small fashion show of looks put together by some of the bloggers and stylists who were in attendance. Quite a few people walked away with some awesome raffle prizes as well! Sarah Wolfe (@swolfephoto) was there with her camera and I can’t wait to see all the photos she snapped! After seeing so many of the photos she takes of local bloggers and artists, I’m slightly obsessed with her work. Is it weird to say that I just love the way she captures humans?


I was able to make some great connections but I was also able to hear more about the Dress for Success organization and what they’re looking for from the community. Volunteering with the organization is just another way for me to be more involved, as well as be of service to others and that’s the main goal. I can’t wait to see what that looks like for me. If you’re thinking about donating or volunteering click the link to find your local affiliate. If you’re in Seattle, follow @dfs.seattle


Going to this event was one of those things that future me will thank me for later. Sometimes I allow my anxiety to prevent me from attending things like this and it’s actually sad. I met all these incredible women but I was also able to introduce them to who I was and what I’m about as well. Now that I understand the effects of my charismatic energy and personality, I’m using my power to attract all the boss babes! *rubs hands like Birdman while cackling like a villain*  You can call me, Mrs. StealYourGirl. Okay, so maybe don’t call me that but you get what I’m saying.

I’m sweet and funny Devonnie most of the time and now I’d like to explore the other sides of me. I’m getting into “Business Devonnie” at the moment. I even handed out a few business cards on me at the event! What?! Look at me. I’m starting to get into the habit of introducing myself to people. I’m just trying to establish who I am and what it is I’m here to do, but more importantly, why you should even keep up with me.

Here’s to taking actual, real life, physical steps towards our dreams and passions. 

The Boss Babes You Need To Know


2 responses to “Shop Her Closet x Dress For Success”

  1. Ambra says:

    Absolutely obsessed!! Thank you so much for sharing your experience. So much more to come! Breaking this Seattle hubby can be tough…ask me how i know butbyourbenergy and spirit is a breath of fresh air! Don’t be a stranger!

    • Devonnie Black says:

      Loved meeting you all and I’m definitely here to stay so I can’t wait to see what’s next!

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