No, I’m not tired, I just skipped the concealer

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Fresh beauty products

I adore my skin. Even at its most problematic, my skin always manages to maintain its firmness and hydration with pretty much no acne or blemish scarring (I apologize to those of you reading this with a slight side eye for my boasting) visible, even while my body is under attack aka PMS. The one thing my skin will always betray me on is my tiredness, or lack there of for this matter. My under eye bags are nothing to envy. They have gotten progressively darker over the years and have done so unchecked….until recently. I’m starting to use things that have the words “collagen” and “anti-aging” in their descriptions. I’m so fancy.

It is no secret that concealer is one of my “trapped on a desert island-can only bring one beauty item” product. But when I leave my house without it, people lose their shit.

“Dev, not feeling well today?”

“Damn Dev, didn’t get enough sleep last night?”

“Dev you look tired.”

The answer is, No. Dev is doing just fine and decided to walk outside without makeup on. Shocking! Preposterous! Unfathomable! I love the way my skin looks without makeup just as much as I like beating this face to the GAWDS.

Below are some of the basics I use to keep my skin looking healthy and glowing while also keeping the “You look tired” people from working my nerves. For these days, hydration is a MAJOR KEY. The Black Tea Age-Delay Eye cream has been a lifesaver. My under eye area stays hydrated and anything that claims to keep age at bay is fine by me. The Seaberry Moisturizing oil, however, is my main squeeze. I use it for moisturizing my face and even put a few drops in my foundation (thanks for that tip and all the new goodies, Sharlene!) for a beautiful finish. It makes my skin look incredibly healthy and gives my makeup the prettiest glow. This is pretty much my secret weapon to any makeup free day. The mascara adds a little length to my lashes but also helps me look a little more put together if I’m out and about.

What are your staple products for the ‘no makeup’ days?

Dior lip gloss

Fresh beauty black tea eye cream

Fresh beauty seaberry oil


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