No Bad Vibes Inna Dancehall | Playlist

It should come as no surprise that I blast Reggae and Dancehall music for almost every activity. House cleaning, driving, cooking; I even like to listen to a nice dancehall playlist whilst I tend to my Sims. If you saw my Celebrating Jamaican Independence post a few months ago, it had a playlist that included some of my favorite tunes for summer. I thought I’d create a new list of a few of the songs that I’ve been jamming to since then. My Jamaican background can easily be attested to my love of reggae and dancehall music but I can also attribute my obsession to my love of dancing as well. Dancehall music is my favorite genre to dance to. In dancehall, like many others forms of dance, there are stories. The movements reflect a time and a place and a person. It can be a group activity or you can murder the dance on your own. It can be slow or extremely fast-paced and heart pounding. Some of the dances look very masculine (aside from when it comes time to wine your waist or buss a good bubble) and I find comfort in being able to buss the latest dances right alongside the guys.

Anywho, all that is to say that there have been some MAJOR CHUNES within the past few months that are tried and true “get my ass to the dance floor” songs. Discovering new Dancehall is sometimes a challenge so I love sharing these short playlists to keep you updated. Nothing like being the person in the crowd who doesn’t know the bomb song that everyone is dancing to. I also love dancing to these songs at home on a regular day because……cardio. And we could all use a good sweat sesh. Check out the songs below. Have you listened to them yet? Or anything from these artists? Let me know below.

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