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Just when the creativity fatigue was starting to set in, I attended the WorkParty Tour event hosted at the Wework space in Bellevue for a full charge of inspiration and lots of Boss B*tch energy. Jaclyn Johnson (CEO & Founder of Create & Cultivate, WorkParty) released a book titled Work Party which is all about offering tips, tricks, and experiences to help you take your career to the next level. She decided to go on tour across the country, making stops at different Wework spaces to hold talks with some badass babes and the community who love them. The WorkParty team partnered with Microsoft Teams for the tour so the Seattle stop was all too fitting.

This was my first WorkParty event but I attended a Create & Cultivate pop-up in Portland last Fall and had the opportunity to listen to a panel of women from the community share their stories. I love all the feminine energy and motivation that I absorb at these events. This WorkParty event had Deepica Mutyala as the speaker which was so inspiring. Deepica is living my dream life. Taking a leap of faith to follow your heart and then grinding until you have CEO next to your name. Ahhhhh the dream. Deepica turned herself into a brand, making connections and partnering with other brands and influencers as she went. She secured a network and then used that network to leverage launching and operating her own company. TINTED is a beautiful platform dedicated to offering a digital space for women who feel “in between” in beauty and fashion spaces to share their stories as well as their shades and swatches; a platform of women trying to figure out where they belong while carving out their own space. Real diversity and inclusivity, a message the beauty and fashion industries are recently and sometimes begrudgingly trying to adopt. As a little brown girl myself, I can definitely relate to those feelings and I’m proud and inspired by Deepica’s accomplishments and what she still has yet to do.

The event itself was very cute. Decor included splashes of millennial pink and blush, very on-brand for C&C. There were Champagne and Cider sponsors and cute little snacks to nibble on during networking moments. The Microsoft 365 partnership included a short quiz where you could see what kind of team member you are. I received “The Collaborator” which seemed to be pretty popular amongst the ladies who took the quiz as well. We each received a commemorative pin that had our team assignment on it. The quiz was to introduce Microsoft’s version of a digital meeting space, similar to SLACK. Teams, is free and Jaclyn actually let us know that the C&C team planned the whole WorkParty Tour using Teams to collaborate and communicate.

I got the chance to meet and connect with so many beautiful ladies who are right here in Seattle! I love how many new people I get to meet at these types of events. Throw in some bubbly and a speaker I can relate to and I AM IN THERE LIKE SWIMWEAR. Sometimes you really just need a jolt of inspiration and motivation. At least I do. I love what Create & Cultivate is doing with the WorkParty brand. Now more than ever, women are getting.things.done and there’s really nothing more unstoppable than a woman on a mission to live her best life.

I picked up a copy of Jaclyn’s book at the event and she even signed it! Now I’ll have a constant, tangible reminder of how I too can create and cultivate the career of my dreams. Now that I’m all charged up, where were we in my plan for world domination?

Have you read the book yet? Are you adding it to your list? Let me know in the comments.

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Shirt: H&M
Leggings: Boohoo
Shoes: A New Day at Target
Jacket: This a $7 Value Village find by Indigo Moon

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