Love wearing meaningful pieces? Always wanted a tattoo but not really? If you answered yes to any of these questions then look no further. I recently partnered with Mieroglyphs. I love the simple, incredibly meaningful beauty behind each bracelet or  Miero. Not to mention how stylish they are! I’m also bringing you an awesome deal to save on shipping if you order your very own Miero. 


 You can read all about the company’s vision as well as the logo and name choices. I’m so happy to wear my Miero. Especially because of the clever options for the hidden inscription.  I have a couple tattoos but this one feels the most personal. My very on secret reminder. I ordered the Naked Gold Miero and had “All the world’s a stage” inscribed. One (of many) of my favorite Shakespearean lines. 


I absolutely adore it and wear it with my other daily arm candy. Order yours now and use my code: definingYOU for free shipping!



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