I Feel Pretty

Growing up, there were only two instances where I ever felt like a princess. My sister, Nadia and I were always being called Princesses by family friends when we were younger. Mostly by friends of my father who acknowledged and aligned with our Rastafarian upbringing, where the terms Empress and Princess are used to describe the women. Aside from placing t-shirts around our heads to mimic long flowing hair and scotch tape on our fingers as nails, we never had reason to dress up. My first memory of going “dress shopping” was when I was 11 years old and I needed something to wear to my grandmothers funeral. It was black and grey with suede and plaid.

Although we never had anywhere to go, we were always well groomed. My father made sure of this. Knees and elbows were to be creamed. Clothes ironed, with pleats and creases sharper than a chef knife. Our locs were retwisted bi-weekly, without fail, by my father himself. His fingers deftly coercing my follicles and scalp in a way I will never master.

My first truly magical, princess moment was my Junior High prom. It was the first time I ever really felt like a girl. The whole process of getting your hair done and finding the right dress was overwhelming but exciting in its unfamiliarity. I was raised by a man and doing some of these things just weren’t his cup of tea. I wore a long black spaghetti strap dress with white pleated chiffon detail at the chest. My dad had retwisted my hair, I swiped some glittery eyeshadow across my lids, beauty supply lip gloss on my lips and finished the look with a cute pair of small strappy heels. The dress was the nicest piece of clothing I owned at the time and it was purchased for me by my History teacher, Mrs. Selkowitz. (I wonder where she is and what she’s up to…)

The next time I would get all dressed up again would be my High School prom. That’s right, I’ve only ever had to really pull out all the stops for both of my proms. Because I was older and starting to get into makeup and hair, this look was a major upgrade from the chalky shadow I wore 4 years prior. I had my hair and makeup professionally done by Catherine Foster and wore acrylic ’tips’ on my nails for the first time. YOU. COULDN’T. TELL. ME. I. WASN’T. CUTE. I picked a really bright and tropical dress to tribute my Jamaican heritage and paired the look with the cutest pair of sparkly slingback kitten heels you ever saw. This was the first time I felt like a woman. That look transformed something in me. Maybe it was the freshly dyed jet black locks or the beautifully pigmented yellow shadow across my lids, whatever it was, I noticed how good I felt during the whole process.

These days, I don’t wait for a special occasion to dress up. Now that I’m older, and officially have no more proms to attend, I’m taking matters into my own hands. Having a blog helps encourage my love for dressing up because love showing you guys new finds but also, I really enjoy putting outfits together especially for girls on a budget. My style is always changing as I navigate who I am as a person and I love trying new fabrics and prints to match my mood at the moment. I play with length and color and really try to push myself in my exploration of what fashion and style really mean to me.

I guess I have to add this look to my list of ‘Princess Moments’. This Boohoo Deep Plunge Halter Skater dress paired with my Badgley Miscka Lex Jewel Sandals are the perfect addition to any look. I love the cute hand beaded bag as well. I purchased it at Silverworks in the mall for $5! I chose to dress them up here but I can also see myself rocking these shoes with a flattering pair of jeans and boyfriend-style oversized button up top. The jewels gives the perfect amount of glam without overdoing it if you’re just heading to happy hour. This look was such  dream to create. Now I just need somewhere to where this to!

what are some pieces of clothing that make you feel extra special? Let me know below!




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