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Black girl-Afro-red lipstick

Black girl-Afro-red lipstick

It is the first day of April and I am looking to drastically shift my focus to self-care and what it means to preserve my mind and body against….well…life, really. I am making it my mission to really committ to making this a great month for me mentally, physically and productivity wise. Thankfully, I’m starting to get my feet wet creatively here in Seattle and have a few performances that are lined up (follow my social network accounts for updates) to help me start nourishing my passions and hopefully open doors for other opportunities. I know 1000% that when I am cooking, writing, reading, taking photos or recording a video, my anxiety and stress take a back seat. I am fully in the moment. Since I haven’t yet figured out how to ditch my fulltime job and can rarely find good pockets of time to create, self-care is essential. Because I don’t always get the time to use creating content as my therapy, here are a few ways I plan on slaying self-care this month.


Weekly Pamper Days
At first, I didnt really understand how really focusing on skincare,  poorly painting my nails myself, or even just making sure I deep condition my hair once a week would impact me mentally but I promise, once you get past that feeling of guilt for taking care of you and only you for a bit, it seriously makes a difference. You look good, you feel good and you get to spend some alone time checking in on yourself.

Meditate, Meditate, Meditate!
I am still a novice at meditation and am just getting out of the, I fall asleep seven minutes in phase. I basically use my meditation time to check in on my body, am I feeling any pain? Soreness? How’s my breathing been? My thoughts, this is the hardest because it requires the most focus. I like to see where I am at mentally for the day or how I’ve been feeling that week, sifting through my thoughts and how I’m doing emotionally is a great way to course correct if I feel like things are getting out of control. This is harder for me to do because I am always thinking about multiple things at once. From bills, to career moves, peer relationships and family or even what I’m making for dinner, silencing my thoughts for a moment so that I can check in is sometimes tricky, but hey, up until four months ago, my meditation sessions would end with me fast asleep in my upright position. Mediation is life. Meditating may not be for everyone, but everyone should at least try meditating. You’ll either love it and want to keep going or, you just had a bomb unscheduled nap. Win-win.

Stop shading my Journals
I love journals. I, like most other writers, have a million of them, half used, scattered around my apartment. I rarely ever fill a journal because as soon as I come across a new one, I just want to buy it and crack that one open. Mmmmm, fresh paper smell. I recently went through and read a few of my old journals, which I never really do, and the entries were so interesting to read. Most of all it made me realize that before my blog, before my neglected youtube channel, I was already documenting everything. I was already trying to “Define Devonnie”. I asked a lot of questions about life and love and purpose. I criticized myself mercilessly in some of my teenage entries but I actually fell in love with the girl who wrote those words. She was so full of life and just completely unafraid of not being who everyone wanted or saying things just for the heck of it, not that that is who I have becomes but it was just a great reminder of just how bright and curious and funny I am. It’s been a while since I’ve written so consistently but I absolutely need to pick I up again. Besides, when the internet crashes and burns one day and my blog and YouTube channel all disappear, I’ll still have documented it all…

When it comes to the self-care of my body, eating well, working out and yoga will be my tools. I’m not much of a Yogi and these coins don’t want me to be great and sign up for a scheduled class, but I sure can do it at home, on my own in front of a screen until I get the hang of it. I’ve already started being more conscious of the things I buy for food and do get a decent amount of excercise in (hooray for the gym being right downstairs) and I have definitely noticed the rewards, but really sticking to a workout plan and kicking it up a notch won’t hurt either. I always have tons of energy after the gym. I absolutely love that euphoric feeling after a workout and the best part is that going to the gym is the only time I can calm my thoughts down. They don’t race around my head, causing me anxiety.

Self-care is pivotal for me to function in society at the level that I know I am capable of. I am choosing to stand firmly on the side of self-care so that I do not lose myself in this world, so that I am not just another person waking up, going to work, paying bills and doing it all again the next day. I need more than that and this, these baby steps are how we will get there.

These are just things that I know will work for me and if they work for you too, let me know! I’m going to commit to focusing on these specific things this month and I’ll come back with another post on how it went, next month.

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