beautiful words | A Poem by Devonnie A. Black


The problem with all of the

beautiful words

I string together on paper,

is that they deserve to be said.

to be read,

to be seen.

to be felt.

They deserve to bear witness

to hungry,

searching eyes.

They deserve the chance to coil

themselves around eager ears.

To dive head first into



or only

slightly scuffed hearts.

They are meant to elicit deep


and force eyes closed

on shaky sighs.

My words are for me,

but they are also for you.

I want you to hear them.

I want to watch your face

come alive as they

caress your skin

and jolt your memory.

I want to feel the

quickening of your pulse,

the irregularity of your breaths.

Feed me your energy so that

I may blossom in this

garden filled with


I am nothing without these words.

Without these emotions.

I have hidden them.

Held on to them with balled fists.

My tongue blocking their exit.

They are angry

and tired.

Frustrated that I have allowed

the weeds to run rampant.

Because, what is the use

of having a garden of talent

if you are only going to allow

lack of confidence to nourish it?

The problem with all of the

beautiful words

bubbling inside me

is that they deserve to be shared.

These words are for me,

but I want them to be for you

devonnie a black

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