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Happy New Year! I’m kicking off 2018 with some a skincare post! Now that I live in the Pacific Northwest, one would assume that all the added moisture in the air might flood my pores and hydrate my Sahara Dessert-esque skin type. False. My skin was definitely a lot dryer while I was living in California but the amazing tan I sustained, covered that up a bit. Not to mention, I was going really hard trying to put moisture back into my face with masks and treatments. My water drinking game was top notch. Bottles every day because I knew that the elements were not on my side. We won’t even talk about what Cali did to my hair. *rolls eyes*

I’ve been on the hunt for some staple products in my skincare routine and I found myself getting pretty frustrated with the prices of some of my favorite serums and creams. Who can sustain this type of addiction?! Why does wanting good skin have to mean going broke?

ponds skincare-devonnie

I’m also finding that rushing through products trying to find one that works hasn’t yielded any long-term results so I’m going back to what I remember works and I’ll move on, slowly, from there. Skincare is probably one of my biggest vices. Thank the Universe that my bank account keeps me in check. This winter I am going back to basics with my routine. When I was younger, I would almost always associate the POND’S brand with older women. Once I got to high school and started caring about things like elasticity and glow, I realized that the POND’S brand was the most hydrating and more importantly, most affordable brand I could find and steadily maintain. There is a certain level of nostalgia that accompanies using the products.





The Cold Cream cleanser is the perfect tool for stubborn makeup. The moisturizing cleanse is an added bonus. I massage the cleanser into my skin and then use a hot cloth to wipe it away. I get my products from my local Target but you should be able to find it in places like CVS, Walgreens, and even some beauty supply stores. The products are all under $10. I love keeping the cute travel size version of the Anti-wrinkle cream in my makeup bag.

Hydration? Check.

Now, if only we could find a remedy for these bags…

What are you using to bless your skin this winter? Let me know below!


Disclaimer: POND’S has given me not a single coin for this post. I honestly love using the products I mention so I’m sharing them with you. All opinions are my own.

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