5 Easy Ways to Revamp your Office Space

Revamp your office space-defining devonnie

Being that I am now self-employed, it’s really important for me to have an office space. Having a desk and separate area for me to work at increases my productivity, tenfold. That being said, I can sometimes get stuck in ruts or experience long bouts of writer’s block and the best way for me to get new thoughts and ideas circulating is to switch up my environment. Below, I’m sharing 5 simple tips on how to help revamp your office space. I love working with The Company Store. The Cstudio Home Collection offers us millennials quality bedding without breaking the bank.


Revamp your office space-defining devonnie

I find it much easier to concentrate on the projects I’m working on when my space is clutter-free. Look at your office space or desk, what doesn’t need to be there? You don’t have to go full minimalist but identifying the things in your space that are distractions and removing them can also have a clearing effect on your creativity and workflow. My father would always say that your home or room is a reflection of your mind, what is your office saying about you?  


Revamp your office space-defining devonnie

I love using throws and pillows to make my chair comfortable since I can end up sitting at my desk for hours on end. Making sure that I’m cozy while working helps keep me focused. If I’m cold or uncomfortable, it’s harder for me to stay seated in the same place for long periods of time. Cstudio Home offers an array of quality throws, pillow covers, and a few different pillow sizes so that you can find what works for you. I love propping a pillow behind my back for extra support while I work. Play with textures and prints to really pull your personality and some color into your space.


Revamp your office space-defining devonnie

Scents are a huge part of my home and the office area is no different. I like having different scents for each room but tend to keep my office scent very light and fruity since it’s connected to my living room. Burning a candle is the simplest way to really alter a space. I’m a sucker for a good candle jar as well. Gone are the days of the basic, clear glass candle jar. Add something with a bit of glam to help cultivate that “Boss Babe” energy. I also love the way diffusers look on a desk. So, if you aren’t a candle person, try adding a diffuser to your office. It’s a “set it and forget it” kind of product and the scent lasts quite a while. Plus, added bonus of the very slim likelihood of anything accidentally catching on fire. Both the candle and the diffuser are in my favorite scent from The Company Store. Coconut Milk Mango smells exactly as it sounds, creamy and tropical.


Revamp your office space-defining devonnie

Adding flowers or plants to your office isn’t just great for your overall health, it will also impact your productivity. The Mod Bud vase is a beautiful handmade vase that is a work of art on its own. I love having it on my desk! Adding flowers or plants is a simple way to bring a little nature indoors. If you’re like me and don’t necessarily love “colorful” flowers, try adding some dried flowers or eucalyptus to a vase. Eucalyptus is great for respiratory health and trust me, if you’ve ever been working on a  project when something goes sideways, having a bit of nature around to help you breathe through the stress becomes imperative!  


Revamp your office space-defining devonnie

What inspires you? I love looking up and seeing my vision board above my computer. It’s a fun and effective way for me to keep my goals in mind every time I sit at my desk. I also love having my tarot deck and a few crystals nearby as well. Hanging photos of family and friends, as well as art, inspirational quotes or even your own handwritten affirmations, can add a splash of fun and personality into your workspace. 

All of the items from The Company Store and Cstudio Home have been linked. Let me know in the comments below about some other quick ways you switch up your workspace!

*Thank you so much to The Company Store for sponsoring this post. 

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