By now, most college students have already started their courses and are well on their way to hating or loving (for those who really like school) life as they gear up for another grueling semester. Looking back, my time at College went by extremely fast. One minute, I was smiling from ear to ear at my acceptance letter, the next, I was walking across a stage accepting my degree and stepping into the world of adulthood. Life is cruel. Now that it’s been a little over four years since graduation, I’ve been thinking more and more about the opportunities and adventures I missed out on and all the things I wish I’d done during those brief four years. In no particular order.

This one seems pretty obvious but I wish I’d saved as much money as possible during my time away at school. I was responsible for myself and all of my bills, fees and basic necessities as well as the tools I needed for classes. Books, laptop, supplies… However, if I’d have saved at least $50 a month on top of 1/2 of the refund checks I received from my grants and loans, I could have been in a much better situation after graduating than I allowed.

Traveling is a huge untapped passion of mine. While moving across America has been fun, I’m excited to see other parts of the world as well. I wish I’d have tried to study abroad. My school had programs in so many beautiful countries and cities that would have been such a great way to explore the world and learn a thing or two in the meantime. (This is probably my biggest regret)

My Bachelor of Arts in Theatre and Performance means a lot to me. It is tangible evidence of me following my dream and pursuing a course I loved and wanted instead of trying to take on a major that would get me ahead but wouldn’t “fill my cup“, if you will. Theatre, plays, writing, performing, all of it is such a HUGE part of who I am but what I would have loved to do was minor in another subject as well. English, photography, film editing to name a few.

I really didn’t understand the benefits of interning while in school, while I was in school. I wish so much that I had taken the opportunity to intern at a production studio, tv network, publishing house or restaurant kitchen! Internships teach great life skills as well as help you to plant some seeds for once you’ve graduated and are starving and hungry and looking for work.

I don’t mean in a mental or emotional way but more financial. I wish I had tried to purchase items that would have helped me with my next regret. I always had an excuse as to why I couldn’t buy this camera or take that workshop. Anything having to do with me spending my money, especially large chunks of it, sends me into cardiac arrest.

(I take my earlier statement back, this may very well be my biggest regret) I started my channel in 2008. Yup. You’d never tell by the lack of content, engagement and visibility but my channel is probably older than some of the Youtubers I follow and nowhere near as successful. All because I didn’t arm myself with the most basic of tools to keep the content flowing, commitment.

SUNY Purchase College is a pretty great school for Liberal Arts and has four great conservatories in Acting, Music, Dance and Visual Arts + Design which means we had access to tons of shows. I went to quite a few of the plays and theatre pieces as well as the dance shows but I barely went to our on-campus museum or the VA+D building. I didn’t realize then how inspired I would be later in life by design.

There is a novel that I started writing just before college and still haven’t finished it. I wish I took the time to really develop my characters and actually self-publish the novel. I definitely wouldn’t have so many unfinished works now had I developed that kind of consistency with my writing.

To be fair, it was recorded. However, something was wrong with the formatting of the file and the quality was pretty poor. Last year, someone stole the hard drive I had it saved to and so now it’s gone forever. All that work, gone. *le sigh* My senior project, ‘Looking for Love: An Examination of Expectations‘, is probably the piece I’m most proud of myself for. I wrote, co-directed (my best friend was my director! Heeey Mandy boo!) and performed a one woman solo performance from interviews I had done with friends, family, peers and professors. It was about love and it was my kind of perfect and it was probably then that I first started to understand the type of person I am/would be.

Every day of my life I wish I’d done this. I took French in High School and Spanish in college and I wish I’d have mastered one of them. Being able to communicate with others in their language to me, shows courage, respect, discipline and fosters a need to for mental stimulation. I know there’s still time. I just wish I was on my third language by now. =)

I hope you guys have enjoyed this lengthy post. If you’re in college/university now, my advice would be to explore and learn as much as possible. It all just disappears too quickly. If you aren’t in school, what are some of your regrets/what would you have liked to do if you wen to college? Let me know below!


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