10 Best Things About Being Jamaican

Trust me, this list could grow pretty quickly, however, in an effort to not spend the next 3 hours waxing poetic and making myself extremely nostalgic, I have just selected a few of the best things about being Jamaican.

  1. Spice bun and Tastee cheese.
  2. The way Jamaicans fry chicken. Trust, there’s a difference.
  3. Porridge. Breakfast, lunch or dinner, I love it. Especially with some Excelsior water crackers in it as well.
  4. Oxtail and rice and peas. Bruhhhhhhhh!
  5. Jerk seasoning. The combinations are endless. You ever jerked a crab? Girl!
  6. Patois.
  7. Being genetically connected to a very different culture and having a direct line to an immeasurable and infinite well of pride, determination and perseverance. That’s pretty lit.
  8. Going to a party and bussin’ all the hot dancehall moves. One Drop, anyone?
  9. Jamaican Proverbs. i.e. “unnu gwan like bench an batty” or “dance ah yaad before yuh dance abroad” or “Nah sweet nanny goat will run him belly”. lessons to be learned everywhere man, not to mention most of them are funny as hell.
  10. Going to Primary and Secondary school there. The education system in Jamaica is where I wish I spent my formative years of school.

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