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#Blogtober October 3rd: A Fall Bucket list

There is no way I’ll accomplish everything on this list in the month of October so I’m making this an Autumn/Winter bucket list. Here are a few activities I hope to do over the next few months. Some of these things, like pumpkin picking, can be placed in the ‘quintessential fall activities’ category. You know the category, full of foods, movies, clothes and activities that immediately bring about a feeling of nostalgia.

This list could be so much longer but I actually want to try to do all of them this year so I’ve tried to keep it somewhat doable.

  • Go apple and pumpkin picking
  • Bake some fall inspired pies
  • Read 3 books before January
  • Perfect a vampy makeup look
  • Go see some theatre
  • Visit the museums in Seattle
  • Host a dinner party
  • Get invited to a dinner party
  • Go ice skating
  • Do something for halloween
  • Drink lots of hot chocolate
  • Make the apartment feel more “Fall” (burning my favorite pumpkin pecan waffles candle isn’t cutting it)
  • Fall themed pajama party/movie marathon
  • Make a butternut squash soup from scratch
  • Go on a haunted hayride (those are still a thing, yea?)
  • Collect some colorful leaves and frame them
  • Go to an Oktober fest event/celebration
  • Stay in a cabin… nature…….camping (all I can see is every horror movie manifesting when I think about this)

Have you done any of these things yet? What else should I add to the list?




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