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Entertaining at Home: Hors D’oeuvres

I love entertaining at home. Cooking, decorating the space, crafting a cocktail menu and then watching as friends and family devour the fruits of my labor. I love it all.…

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Bloom Where You Are Planted + Oddfellows Cafe

This morning started off feeling like some kind of uphill battle. After receiving some less than desirable news at the start of the weekend, I was chomping at the bit…

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Jamaican Saltfish Recipe

I love Jamaican food. Obviously I’m biased. But I don’t care. Big up to all my Caribbean massive! I love Ackee & Saltfish, our national dish. However, since I couldn’t…

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I Feel Pretty

Growing up, there were only two instances where I ever felt like a princess. My sister, Nadia and I were always being called Princesses by family friends when we were…

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Canlis x Milk Bar & Shopping at Ross |Weekly VLOG

Hey Guys! So I’m trying to be more consistent on my youtube channel and I’ve uploaded a new VLOG! I’m pretty proud of myself. I’ve been in this stage of…

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It’s been 5 years! The NY VLOG

Yes, I am 2 months late with this video. No, I do not need your judgement thank you very much. I’ll blame the delay on my Carpal Tunnel/Tendinitis issues and…

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