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I Feel Pretty

Growing up, there were only two instances where I ever felt like a princess. My sister, Nadia and I were always being called Princesses by family friends when we were…

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Canlis x Milk Bar & Shopping at Ross |Weekly VLOG

Hey Guys! So I’m trying to be more consistent on my youtube channel and I’ve uploaded a new VLOG! I’m pretty proud of myself. I’ve been in this stage of…

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It’s been 5 years! The NY VLOG

Yes, I am 2 months late with this video. No, I do not need your judgement thank you very much. I’ll blame the delay on my Carpal Tunnel/Tendinitis issues and…

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A Note On Manifestation

I’ve been trying to write this post for a little over a week. Doubting its timing and whether or not my two cents would be valuable. I am the first to…

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The Digital Detox I Didn’t Want but Needed

February has been one of those months. The kind you wish would just finish already so that you can get your shit together. Don’t get me wrong, the month started…

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30 Before 30

January is finally at an end (was that not the longest month ever?!) and whilst I did not set any concrete “resolutions” for this year, I decided to create a…

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