I apologize that I have been running from you. I apologize for the rivers and lakes and state lines that fill the space between us. I apologize for my silence,…

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#FabFriends Naima Stennett


Jewelry is more than just an accessory; it is a reflection of your energy. Growing up in Jamaica I loved playing in my mothers jewelry. To me, your accessories made a…

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April Showers, Please Bring May Flowers


Here we are. The first day of a new month. You’re probably wondering how my month of unapologetic self-care went. Well, it was great. I think I successfully committed to trying…

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The Thief


When depression crept into the home of my heart, I was both asleep and awake. I felt the heavy weight of its steps cause the cracks in my heart to…

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Growing Through It


It is undeniable, that, more often than not, the pressures of the world become too much to bear. It is also undeniable,  That, for all the times I have been…

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You’ve Been Asleep For A While


I wrote this piece for The Purple Lemonade, a collective of artists and creators based here in Seattle. I was asked to write something with a theme of rebirth and…

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Hello, April | Siding with Self-care


It is the first day of April and I am looking to drastically shift my focus to self-care and what it means to preserve my mind and body against….well…life, really.…

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