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Visualizing L I E S | A Poem by Devonnie A. Black

Every time I close my eyes, I visualize another life. One where anxiety and depression don’t eat me up inside. Terrified of heights and dog bites but I’ll walk out…

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Easy Dinner Ideas: Salmon, Greens & Potatoes

I love Salmon. Though it isn’t my ultimate-top 5-do or die-taking it to the grave-favorite fish to eat, it is my favorite to prepare and cook because of its simplicity,…

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It’s Been 5 Years and I Still Get Homesick

This past August I celebrated a milestone. I’ve officially been on my whirlwind adventure for 5 years. I left New York in 2013 of the same month. My trip back…

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Shop Her Closet x Dress For Success

This past weekend I had the opportunity of attending the 2nd Annual Shop Her Closet event here in Seattle. The event is hosted by Ambra Sookram (@theambralife) and Natalie Randall…

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I Cried During My First Reiki Session

A couple of weeks ago one of my close friends mentioned her Reiki session to me. She was adamant that I needed to experience this and made me promise to…

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My Kinda WorkParty

Just when the creativity fatigue was starting to set in, I attended the WorkParty Tour event hosted at the Wework space in Bellevue for a full charge of inspiration and…

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