Overnight Baked French Toast


Baked French Toast has got to be my weakness. I can’t even remember the first time I had it. Certainly not at the hand of my Rasta father. Devon is…

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The 9-5


It starts with loss. memory. time. light. The loss begins to spread. to dig. to take shape. Sometimes, it resembles sadness. others, it transforms into your worst fears. but always,…

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Summer Forever x Fenty Beauty


I, like most of the people on your timeline, have purchased some Fenty Beauty products and I am just so thankful for the opportunity to glow all year like the…

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Acai Bowls for Breakfast


During the summer I tend to crave simple but impactful breakfasts. My days are busy with either work at my 9-5 or whatever extra curricular activities I tend to get…

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Celebrating Jamaican Independence | Playlist


HAPPY JAMAICAN EMANCIPATION DAY! The land that I love will be celebrating 55 years of independence from the British Commonwealth on August 6th and today marks the precursor to that…

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Bite of Seattle 2017


This past weekend I did a bit more exploring of my “semi-new” city and attended the Groupon sponsored “Bite of Seattle”. The event was being held at the Seattle Center…

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I apologize that I have been running from you. I apologize for the rivers and lakes and state lines that fill the space between us. I apologize for my silence,…

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