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My Kinda WorkParty

Defining devonnie-workparty tour

Just when the creativity fatigue was starting to set in, I attended the WorkParty Tour event hosted at the Wework space in Bellevue for a full charge of inspiration and lots of Boss B*tch energy. Jaclyn Johnson (CEO & Founder of Create & Cultivate, WorkParty) released a book titled Work Party which is all about offering tips, tricks, and experiences to help you take your…

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Entertaining at Home: Hors D’oeuvres

defining devonnie-recipe-appetizer

I love entertaining at home. Cooking, decorating the space, crafting a cocktail menu and then watching as friends and family devour the fruits of my labor. I love it all. I realize now that I’ve been groomed for entertaining since before I was even allowed in the kitchen. I learned what it means to cook for large groups of people from my father. And while…

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Bloom Where You Are Planted + Oddfellows Cafe

This morning started off feeling like some kind of uphill battle. After receiving some less than desirable news at the start of the weekend, I was chomping at the bit to get the situation resolved. So when Monday rolled around, I was eager for answers and explanations. I spent the first half of the morning doubting everything I was doing. And not doing. I wanted…

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Jamaican Saltfish Recipe


I love Jamaican food. Obviously I’m biased. But I don’t care. Big up to all my Caribbean massive! I love Ackee & Saltfish, our national dish. However, since I couldn’t get any fresh ackee, I just made the Saltfish with lots of veggies and of course, some ground provisions. Ground provisions are what West Indians call the root vegetables that normally accompany our proteins in…

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I Feel Pretty

Growing up, there were only two instances where I ever felt like a princess. My sister, Nadia and I were always being called Princesses by family friends when we were younger. Mostly by friends of my father who acknowledged and aligned with our Rastafarian upbringing, where the terms Empress and Princess are used to describe the women. Aside from placing t-shirts around our heads to…

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Canlis x Milk Bar & Shopping at Ross |Weekly VLOG

defining devonnie-youtube-vlog

Hey Guys! So I’m trying to be more consistent on my youtube channel and I’ve uploaded a new VLOG! I’m pretty proud of myself. I’ve been in this stage of ‘doing’ recently. No more doubting myself and reiterating all the reasons why I might fail. , just going after what I want. and I’m starting to see some real progress.  Anywho, check out the video to see…

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