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beautiful words | A Poem by Devonnie A. Black

The problem with all of the beautiful words I string together on paper, is that they deserve to be said. to be read, to be seen. to be felt. They deserve to bear witness to hungry, searching eyes.…

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Visualizing L I E S

Every time I close my eyes, I visualize another life. One where anxiety and depression don’t eat me up inside. Terrified of heights and dog bites but I’ll walk out into the dead of night because unfortunately being surrounded by darkness feels……..just…right. People say hi and I smile and wave because the funny thing about my sadness is that it’s very well-behaved. My depression is…

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Easy Dinner Ideas: Salmon, Greens & Potatoes


I love Salmon. Though it isn’t my ultimate-top 5-do or die-taking it to the grave-favorite fish to eat, it is my favorite to prepare and cook because of its simplicity, but also for its amazing health benefits. I typically get my salmon organic and caught fresh. Eating good quality, clean fish is important and helps make sure that you’re getting all the right nutrients in…

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It’s Been 5 Years and I Still Get Homesick

This past August I celebrated a milestone. I’ve officially been on my whirlwind adventure for 5 years. I left New York in 2013 of the same month. My trip back home this past June was actually the first time that I had been back since leaving. I was recently reminded of my milestone when I received a DM from someone who had found an article…

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Shop Her Closet x Dress For Success


This past weekend I had the opportunity of attending the 2nd Annual Shop Her Closet event here in Seattle. The event is hosted by Ambra Sookram (@theambralife) and Natalie Randall (@eyeapple) two incredible ladies who joined forces and have made it their mission to bring more than just another blogging scene to the Seattle/Tacoma area. Creating events geared toward encouraging and empowering women, especially women…

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I Cried During My First Reiki Session


A couple of weeks ago one of my close friends mentioned her Reiki session to me. She was adamant that I needed to experience this and made me promise to look into it. Four days later I had my own session booked with Kibby of Red Stone Healing. When I had gotten off the phone with Lule, fueled by the story of her own session,…

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